More Than a Farm Market,
We Are the Farm!

Ever gone to a farm market only to learn that the folks selling the vegetables have no idea where their produce was grown? If they don't know where it was grown, they surely don't know when it was picked, how it was grown, or how long it's been in a truck.

Grown at Johnson's Farm and Fresh Picked

Our produce is home grown right here on the family farm in Hobart, and each day it is hand picked at the peak of ripeness to assure you of the very best flavor. Of course, peak ripeness also means that fresh picked fruits and vegetables will give you the maximum nutritional value with each delicious bite. Very early in the morning, you'll see our trucks coming out of the fields to bring today's harvest into the Hobart and Valparaiso Farm Markets. Check our ripening calendar to see when your favorite locally grown fruits and vegetables will be in season.

Ripening Calendar

You should also know that none of the vegetables grown on our farm are from genetically modified seed (No GMO).

Did you know that the natural sugar in corn begins turning to starch the minute it is picked? That's why we pick sweet corn as often as 4 or 5 times each day. Compare this to the corn available at the supermarket, which frankly may have been picked a week ago! Come out to the farm, and taste the difference. Free samples on Saturdays during our peak season from mid-July to mid-August.

Spring Vegetables

The Farm Markets open in April when the first early vegetables are ready for harvest, such as our oh-so-tender and sweet asparagus. Rhubarb will not be far behind, and then those super sweet sugar snap peas.

June Strawberries

Talk about sweet and delicious, in June, we offer both Pick Your Own and pre-picked, homegrown strawberries. Our berries are ripe on the vine, big, red, sweet and juicy--nothing like the white cardboard centers you find in those berries shipped in from out of state.

Pick your own strawberries, blueberries and blackberries or buy them at the farm market at Johnson's Farm Produce in Hobart and Valparaiso, Indiana.

And Here Comes the Harvest...

Shortly thereafter, the summer harvest begins!

  • Sweet Corn--fresh picked as often as 5 times a day!
  • Blueberries
  • Green Beans and Sweet Peppers
  • Summer Squash, Zucchini, and Beets
  • Juicy Tomatoes Arrive Early in July
  • Raspberries and Blackberries
  • Pumpkins and Winter Squash

We plant several plantings during each year to assure an on-going supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you don't see what you want, be sure to ask--it may be on a truck coming from the field right now! Checking our ripening calendar for typical seasons for your favorities.