Strawberry UPICK Opens June 24′

Thanks for a great season!

Taste the Seasons at Johnson's Farm!

UPICK At Our Hobart Location Only

Getting Out To The Fields

Depending on how wet our fields are we either run trams out to the picking areas, or have you drive your car. Conditions change daily and we want you to have the best experience possible.

When you get to the field, grab a basket (which will be provided) before walking through the field to pick. Upon returning to the farm entrance we check your baskets and calculate your total. Please do not grab excess baskets, due to COVID-19, empty baskets touched and used will be charged for! 

The admission helps to cover overhead, insurance, workers’ living wages and yearly improvements. We are not funded by any state or federal agency. We welcome you onto our farm to enjoy how we have stewarded the blessing of owning the land.

There are no rain checks. We unfortunately cannot control the weather. Money WILL NOT be refunded due to poor weather. Pets are not allowed on our property, sorry for an inconvenience.

Outdoor food IS NOT permitted!

Tips for U Pick Success

  • Wear sunscreen & hats
  • Bring your own water
  • Wear gym shoes with socks (you’ll need the socks for the jump zone)
  • Baskets will be provided
  • Only grab one bucket at a time
  • Get here early in the morning to beat the crowds and the heat!

Bring the whole family, and teach your kids how their food is grown, and just how delicious fresh-picked can be.

MASKS are NOT Required! But, you are more than welcome to wear them!

We always suggest you give us a call at (219) 962-1383 to be sure we have produce available.

If you are NOT INTERESTED IN THE FUN FARM, you will still have to pay the $15 on fun farm weekends.

Normal UPICK Entrance Fee $5 per person (If our UPICK fields are open are it’s NOT a festival, it’s a normal UPICK day)

Festival General Admissions Fee $15 per person (train and cannons not included)

Festival All Access Admissions Fee $25 per person (all activities included)

General Admissions Season Pass $42 per person (includes all entrance fees to normal UPICK days, & general admissions to ALL 24′ festivals)

All Access Admissions Season Pass $60 per person (includes all entrance fees to normal UPICK days & all access admissions to ALL 24′ festivals)

Season passes can be purchased at!

U Pick Prices

UPICK Pricing for 2024′

Strawberries- TBD


Red Raspberries-TBD

Green Beans-TBD







Eggplant- TBD

Cabbage- TBD

Cauliflower- TBD

Acorn Squash- TBD

Sweet Corn- TBD

ALL Peppers- TBD

Zucchini- TBD


All ‘Normal’ Pumpkins-TBD/any size (UPICK ONLY)

Pumpkin Pricing Found UNDER Pumpkin Festival page!

Zucchini Flowers & Verdolaga are NOT for UPICK. If you pick them verdolaga is $10 a bag and zucchini flowers are $10 a flower! Please do not pick anything that is NOT in season!