What You Can Pick TODAY?

Strawberry UPICK Now Open!

Bring the whole family, and teach your kids how their food is grown, and just how delicious fresh-picked can be.

Our UPICK is now OPEN but is slowly coming to an end! We do get PICKED out, so always make sure to give us a call or check our social media for bad weather conditions or being picked out! We are planning on opening our NORMAL Blueberry UPICK on June 28th as long as we aren’t picked out from the weekend crowds! There is a four dollar entrance fee per person for NORMAL UPICK days!


Blueberry UPICK will open on June 28th and will be open On Monday’s, Thursdays and Fridays! Our UPICK Fields WILL BE CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

See our U Pick page for prices.

We always suggest you give us a call at (219) 962-1383 to check what produce is available.

Depending on how wet our fields are we either run trams out to the picking areas, or have you drive your car. Conditions change daily and we want you to have the best experience possible.

When you get to the field, grab a basket before walking through the field to pick. Upon returning to the farm entrance we check your baskets and calculate your total.

Produce List - What's In Season At Johnson's

No (Out of Season)
No (But Coming Soon!)
acorn squash X
beets X
blackberries X
blueberries X
broccoli X
brussel sprouts X
butternut squash X
cabbage X
cauliflower X
cucumbers X
eggplant X
fancy gourds X
gourds X
green beans X
green peppers X
green tomatoes X
hot banana peppers X
jalapeno peppers X
kale X
Sunflowers X
pickles X
peppers X
pumpkins X
red raspberries X
strawberries X
watermelon X
sugar snap peas X
Yellow Squash X
zucchini X